Fresh, healthy, nourishing and always seasonal-that's how the fast food is at the Golden Papaya.

Although it has to be fast, there shouldn't be a lack of quality and good taste. After all you are what you eat. That's why you should choose the best. At the Golden Papaya we set a high value on fine ingredients, which we arrange fo you with care. Like this you get a quick, but healthy and fresh treat.

Our Golden-Papaya ist part of the Srignags-House.
 At the Golden Papaya we offer freshly prepared Asian dishes: fried rice and fried noodles with vegetables, chicken or prawns. But also soups, French fries and satay sticks are on the menu. The curry of the day is either with chicken or vegan with vegetables.

The GOLDEN PAPAYA has seats and you can also enjoy your meal with us!

The Golden Papaya is a company of the Srignags GmbH. The Srignags team stands for culinary skills, cordiality and experience. Since 1992.

Short in time? Preorder your dish and pick it up when ever you like. Phone: 032 682 03 69. Or use our web-shop: